Movie & Entertainment Industry

On-set Construction, Stunt Safety & More

In any workplace it is essential to have a good safety plan to reduce potential harm to your workers and to alleviate the potential for costly liability suits. The film industry is no different. In addition to all of the usual workplace hazards there are often increased potential due to the nature of creating movies such as stunts, explosions and the use of on set firearms.

National Safety Services provides the expertise required to properly assess hazards and to develop safety plans to reduce the risks to your workers, actors, technicians, and stunt personnel. 

N.E.S.S also provides on site safety professionals to oversee work being completed in order to continuously monitor for changing conditions and to alert management and workers if the risk becomes too great to proceed.

Be it a remote location, rural or urban setting N.E.S.S also provides emergency service staff who are well trained ERT and/or Paramedics depending on your requirements. N.E.S.S. also has off road and on road emergency vehicles available for emergency response and/or extractions if need be.

N.E.S.S. safety professionals will work with your team to develop your emergency response plans and to help implement them during day-to-day operations. 

Some areas of consideration include but are not limited to – avalanche assessment and monitoring, high angle rescue, developing a stunt plan, explosives and/or pyrotechnics, camera cars, camera cranes, high fall, skydiving, helicopter operations, underwater stunts and operations, working at heights, fixed wing aircraft, animal handling, exotic animals, electrical safety, boat safety, child performers, motorcycles, smoke and fog, working in extreme temperatures, and industrial and construction regulations to name a few.