Equipment & Rentals

Emergency Transport Vehicle (ETV)

N.E.S.S. owns, operates and rents the ETV. Heavy Duty Chevrolet 3500 1 ton truck carries the ETV Brutus 2. Our truck is equipped in compliance with the provincial regulations, and is a 4×4 prepared to handle a multitude of remote and local worksites. To find out if your worksite requires an ETV, please reach out to the qualified team at N.E.S.S.

  • AED on demand.
  • First aid up to paramedic level including rescue basket and spine board. 

Medical Treatment Centre (MTC)

MTC fully equipped to first aid room standard utilizes Heavy Duty GMC 2500 Gas and is the most compatible for remote job sites. 

  • AED on demand.
  • First aid up to paramedic level including rescue basket and spine board. 
  • Size “M” O2 bottle. 

Industrial Ambulance

N.E.S.S. operates and rents the industrial Ambulance:

  • it has necessary equipment for first aid treatment and transportation of injured worker, under the direction of the first aid attendant.
  • is capable of accommodating at least two workers on stretchers.
  • it has adequate lighting in the patient compartment to be able to assess the injured or ill worker and complete documentation.

Fire Truck Class 6

N.E.S.S. owns and operates a class 6 wildfire truck.  This truck is equipped for wildland firefighting as well as technical rescue use.  The technical rescue capabilities include rope rescue and confined space rescue.   

Some of the equipment we carry is 

    • SCBA, 
    • Tripod, 
    • Rope equipment, 
    • Gas detection equipment, 
    • air movers, as well as 
    • wildfire equipment.

Additional Equipment for Rental

  • Tripod for vertical access and rescue in confined area
  • 31 gas detector MSA 4 head gas detector
  • 9 SCBA with case
  • 6 SABA
  • 6 Gas sampler
  • 4 Positive Mask Filtration system
  • Continuous Monitors
  • NORM Monitors
  • Air Horn Alarm System
  • Radios
  • Stars Landing Kit
  • Bear Kits
  • Ignition Kit
  • Confined Space Kit
  • High Angle Rescue Kit
  • Tri-Pod
  • First Aid Kits
  • Specialized Medical Equipment

Equipment Rental

Please fill out the following information and we will connect with you about our equipment for rental and availability..