Skid-Steer / Bobcat Awareness

Skid-Steer / Bobcat Awareness

Course Description

Course Outline

  • Describe the legal responsibilities of the employer, supervisor and skid steer operator
  • Understand the common causes of workplace accidents and fatalities using a skid steer
  • Conduct an effective inspection and record the results of visual and operational inspections
  • Identify and correctly use appropriate PPE
  • Determine the load handling capacity & characteristics of various skid steers
  • Identify hazards associated with the operation of skid steers around pedestrians
  • Demonstrate operator competence during day-to-day operations, including safely loading the bucket, traveling with a load and unloading the bucket
  • Identify and demonstrate proper procedures for excavating, back filling and leveling the ground
  • Demonstrate safe entry, exit and parking procedures
  • Describe the proper method for transporting the loader safely

Duration: 8 hours

Certification is good for 3 years.

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