Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee Training

Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee Training

Course Description

Course Outline

This course is designed to introduce an example of a Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee program and to provide all employee levels the tools necessary to develop and implement an OHS program at their workplace.

Course Length

The Joint Health & Safety Committee training course is structured as a one (1) day course but can be modified to meet content and duration requirements. The online version is structured as a three hour course.  Online Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee training and Instructor-led classroom formats are available.

Target Audience

Joint Health & Safety Committee training is designed for employees, managers, supervisors of small to large employers within BC’s manufacturing industry.


Previous health and safety education and/or experience is an asset but not required.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the legal roles and responsibilities of a JOHSC
  • Identify the requirements to be on and create a JOHSC
  • Complete the basic activities required by a JOHSC
  • Have an understanding of the advanced activities for a JOHSC

Course Topics

Legislation, Selection & Organization, Duties and Functions, JOHSC Meetings, Orientation, Training and Education, Teamwork & Teambuilding, Measuring Success

Assessment and Completion

Upon successful completion of course materials, students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. Minimum 4 students maximum of 12 students per class.

Course Registration

Registering For Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee Training

Thank you for your interest in our course.  Please fill out the following information and we will provide more information after your registration.