Ground Disturbance Awareness

Ground Disturbance Awareness

Course Description

Course Outline

  1. Module 1: Definition, Words & Terms
    • What is ground disturbance?
    • Common words & terms
  2. Module 2: Regulations & Responsibilities
    • Regulations around ground disturbance
    • Penalties for non-compliance
    • Responsibilities for those involved
  3. Module 3: Approvals, Permits, & Agreements
    • Approvals for Ground Disturbance
    • Permit types
    • Ground disturbance agreements
    • Circumstances affecting permits or agreements
  4. Module 4: Ground Disturbance Planning
    • Soil types, cutbacks, and sloping according to Alberta & Saskatchewan regulations
    • Reclamation process
    • Ways to reduce impact on the environment
  5. Module 5: Stages of Ground Disturbance
    • Locating underground facilities
    • How to mark underground facilities
    • Exposure process for underground facilities
    • Backfill procedure and responsibilities
  6. Module 6: Underground Facility Contact
    • Historical destruction to underground facilities
    • Common causes of contact
    • Potential issues and consequences with contact
    • How to prevent contact and how to prepare
    • What defines ‘contact’ and the procedures if contact is made

Duration: 4 hours

Certification is good for 3 years.

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