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Highline Rescue Service

I Derek Begg of Highline Rescue Service has worked alongside with National Emergency Safety Service since the beginning of the 2022. We have been transparent with each other on all levels of business. I enjoy working with N.E.S.S. The friendly faces and atmosphere are most up lifting for a work realtionship and its a pleasure to be apart of such a winning team. 

Thank You N.E.S.S. 


Derek Begg 

Highline Rescue

Arctic Star First Aid and Training

Blackridge Solutions

North Country Rentals

Flashpoint Consulting Inc.

Flashpoint has been subcontracting under NESS for a few months now and it has been a great experience.They are courteous, professional and always eager to accommodate all our needs so that teaching there is a pleasure. We are looking forward to teaching many more classes for you.


Keith Stecko,Owner
Flashpoint Consulting Inc.